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FS: Galaxy Note Ceramic White

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Posted by mrmilo69
Received this as an upgrade and realised that my S2 is a perfect size for me. It has been turned on and played with for an hour.
BIN is 380 but I will take any reasonable offers. No trades thanks.

Payment by Bank Transfer.
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Posted by mrmilo69
Had two people flake on me so this is back up for sale. Looking for a quick sale so the BIN including P&P is 330. Does not come with the headphones as my son put them in his ears and I don't like the idea of sharing them with anyone outside the family! As you can see the plastic is no longer on the front of the screen but it is still on the back and it is in great condition. Phone came unlocked and unbranded so perfect for any network.

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Posted by mrmilo69
Really want this gone. I would accept trades for a phone of lower value with cash from you. Taking offers, if you need any more photos/info let me know!

Posted by seboy81
Any interest in a iphone 4??

Posted by nicv27
I know you said this is unlocked and unbranded.... Does that mean it will work on "3" also....

Posted by mrmilo69
It certainly does. I have tested it on 3 and o2

Posted by mrmilo69
No longer taking trades as I have changed my phones over the last week. 290 BIN postage by RMSD.

Posted by vilde
Will you ship it to Norway mate?

Posted by mrmilo69
This has now sold, sorry!

Posted by fbloise
wow, just came across this... excellent price

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