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No more Beats headphones with HTC smartphones

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Posted by laffen
Beats headphones will not longer be a part of the sales package in HTC's smartphone portfolio

Beats headset no longer included with HTC smartphones

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Posted by nicv27
Seems a bit silly even after reading the article.... Yes in most cases headphones don't make you buy a specific handset, but the whole point of having a handset with beats technology built in is to use beats headphones.... According to their advertising so you can "listen to music how the artist intended"

Posted by skblakee
If I am correct I believe at least one article stated that HTC will not incude the headset with ALL phones.

Posted by Bonovox
And the headphones are expensive too. HTC cutting costs??

Posted by rikken
Beats are overrated anyway so. . . . . . .

Posted by Bonovox
Yes,too much emphasis on bass not clarity

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