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Take a look at the latest Xperia TV commercial made by famous director Wes Anderson

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Posted by laffen
The famous director Wes Anderson has directed the latest TV commerical for Sony's Xperia smartphones. Wes Anderson is known from acclaimed movies such as The Royal Tenebaums, Rushmore and Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sony Mobile Xperia add by Wes Anderson

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Posted by TeknoBoi90
nice ad but the restructuring costs will be massive...

Posted by goldenface
Very strange! I wasn't sure how it was supposed to make me feel after I'd watched it.

Posted by admad
Lol, they should focus on making better phones rather than ads...

Posted by masada1971
what a nonsense...

Posted by Supa_Fly
Very cool ad!

This shows how Android can capture the imagination of our minds and deliver it ... not restrict it. Its a FUN ad that helps to show the OS, its NOT a brand recognition. SE has done a plethora of these kind of ads.

lets see the next one and how powerful it delivers WHAT should be expected of the Xperia lineup!

Posted by emporium

[ This Message was edited by: emporium on 2012-12-27 11:00 ]

Posted by chunkybeats
fun ad, its better than them annoying Apple commercials with that guy narrating who needs to get a new job bullsh1tting!

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