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Leaked image of Galaxy S III reveals an Unpacked Event on May 22nd

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Posted by laffen
Samsung could be announcing the Galaxy S III at an Samsung Unpacked event in London on May 22

Samsung Galaxy S III to be announced in May?

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Posted by ok1907
Murtazin said that this is fake but nonetheless, the closest design to the real one.

Posted by skblakee
There is no wow factor in this design. Nonetheless if this is it I just might get once the screen resolution is upped to HD form which it should be.

Posted by Miss UK
Doesn't look like a bad design overall
Hopefully the OS is better to

Posted by etaab
Its so obviously fake its trying too hard to make it concrete what day it will be announced, the 22nd of May etc. The fact the faker went to such intricate detail as to even put the last update of the accuweather app to the 22/05 at 10am. If this was genuine, Samsung or any other manufacturer would make their latest flagship a little more mysterious.

Posted by Miss UK
Lol true ^^

There's to many fanboys though
And them posting this stuff up makes
Them think there Kewl

Who they trying to kid!

Just wait for the Manufacturers to
Unveil the product instead of photoshopping
Utter rubbish

Posted by etaab
Besides the fact its simply a white S2 thats had more casing added to it. I dont think for a second Samsung would add a dedicated shutter key either.

Roll on the announcement though, as at the moment its a toss up between this mystery phone and the HTC One X.

Posted by Miss UK
Whichever one you go for etaab
Try it before you buy, there's nothing
More then buying something getting it and
Disliking it afterwards

I'm actually glad I tried the SG2 beforehand
Cos if I had been lumbered with it I'd of eBayed within
A few weeks after

Posted by etaab
Im pretty easily pleased when it comes to phones. Theres only really one phone i was disappointed with and that was the Satio. The camera never seemed that great at the start and the software was poorly supported by SE.

But then thats the beauty of Android is that its so much more customisable from the off. Ive used Sense and Touchwhiz a hell of a lot so neither would disappoint me.

Posted by Miss UK
I've never had any diss appointment in past Android cameras
Either the HTCs do have iffy battery life but the extended battery's
Do boost them better

My X10i was great I wasn't keen on gingerbread
Update though but it was by far best android battery
Life ever with the free battery included by Sony Ericsson

I'm not due a new phone till year myself but I'm
More then pleased with the one I cannot seem to
Put down

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