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patch to have a wireless fm radio on k770i?

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Posted by sleep04
please help, i have read an article that k770i and other phones on se can work fm radio wirelessly through patch. What do i need to do? Please help.

Heres my phone info.
K770i r8bc004
red 52

Posted by litemint
Googled: radio without headset K770i r8bc004

Posted by sleep04
sir lite, thanks po sa link

Posted by litemint
No prob, though the Headphone itself is the antena of our phone, I dont think you would be able catching/recieving any station with it.

Just an opinion because I tried it one time. :nosebleeding:
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Posted by Boysie
Indeed. Radio without headset patch is imo one of the most useless patches ever devised

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