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FS/FT Htc XE Beats In Earphone

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Posted by nicv27
HTC Xe Beats in white came with my Sensation XL but as I have a pair of Studios I don't need them. Brand new unused come with a pouch and spare earbuds
Any offers to include Postage

Posted by skblakee
Would the enhanced sound features work well plugged into my mw-600? What are you looking for price wise?

Posted by nicv27
Basically you get the same as in the listing except mine are white..........not sure as fas as i know you need Beats technology in the device....(What ever that is?)
30 del

Posted by vilde
30 delivered to Norway too right?

Posted by nicv27
Never sent there before but I will check the costs tomorrow and get back to you

Posted by vilde
Dont know if you have checked but I can pay you 35 delivered to Norway. Deal mate?

Posted by nicv27
Hi, yeah I can do that........ Send me some details and I'll get them packaged up..

Posted by SonyBoi
30 delivered to uk??? if not already sold

Posted by nicv27
Sorry........ sold please Lock.

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