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3G data not faster than GSM? Confused. [P1i]

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Posted by digigardener
I am not too bothered about inet speed, but found it a bit strange, that if i am connected to GSM or 3G, the gprs speeds stay the same?
Or is there something fundamental i don't understand and should check first.

I started measuring with dslreports.com mobile, through Opera Mobile 8.65 , and it is typically around 15 Kbps (yes, i mean Kbit/s), and generally falls anywhere between 10 Kbps - 30 Kbps. Latency between 0.2 to 1.2s.

(Nevermind the annoying waiting times, when the phone seems to do nothing for half a minute, and then starts downloading again. that actually concerns me more thant speeds )

3G signal varies but ok in my area, but even outdoor with full sinal it does not seem to make difference on the interent speeds.
Actually the speeds seem to be quite random.

is there something I should or test?

could it be just "faulty" handset [P1i]? but in what way?

technically, is it remotely possible this is affected by firmware? [i installed Wolrd Generic months, i think it's no.3]

I know should test with a different network's SIM, just in case.
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Posted by ceaser2008
15 kbps is the internet speed of GSM (2G). May be your service provider offers 3G signals (for better reception and clear sound) but not actual 3G internet speed. For 3G internet, you have to subscribe to 3G data plan of your choice.

By the way, which country??

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