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satio keylock application?

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Posted by panonski
Is there any chance to get some application for disable side keybutton which is only used for lock/unlock the phones?
I'm little bit tired of unlocking in that uncomfortable way ..

I find some app for that, but on my phone it doesn't work. Can't even install it, even it was obviosly written for SATIO.

called jjlkeylock.sis.

Is there any similirar app for this? I also tried Mazle, but also it does not work.

I have hacked satio, there is no issues about certifikate

thank you all

Posted by daviep
i used mykeylock when i had my satio.it is a n97 app but works on all s60v5 phones.
you can choose to lock/unlock your phone with the camera button,call and end buttons,middle buttons volume keys etc.

Posted by mr versatile
Hi and good day to you my satio is also hack and i do have a slide unlock app on my phone actually i got it from
smartphoneware you can google it and on that site have alot of authenthic apps ps I paid $1 for mine try it you will like
www.smartphoneware.com then select your phone model satio obviously and rest is up to you very very good hope this help

Posted by panonski
okay guys i will try it now, and let you know if I succed !

Posted by panonski
I download mykeylock, and it's just perfect!

Posted by daviep
glad to help

Posted by panonski
tnx !

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