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? acess to files in a satio in a way to change camdriver

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Posted by panonski
Hey guys,

I'm stuck with understanding how to acess files in my SAtio in a way to change camdriver.

I already install signed version of helloo2x with Rompatcher and I activate open4all and Installserver_FP2

now, is it a real dumb thing to ask, but I don't know HOW TO ACESS to files inside c ( or z whatever )

Is it from phone, computer, some app ?

Posted by zide
Man, nobody knows yet how to change its camdriver effectively!

Posted by panonski
but I only ask how to make changes in folders?

In which program you see them in phone ?

Posted by zide
I don't usually use those type of file manager but I think X-plore will do the job!

If you find a way to improve Satio's camera performance significantly I'll donate to you man!!

* Oh, I forgot! I believe you must install ROMPatcher in order to see those protected files.
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Posted by panonski
aren't you reading my posts ?

I just wrote that I have instaled rom patcher ?

Posted by zide
Oh sorry man, I'm feeling sleepy already... Well, it seems that you already knew the few this I know about this... Have you tried X-Plore?

Posted by panonski
I just f..d up something

I did all well with heloo2x, but I run upload with seus to R2AK006

/ also I picked up update with personal settings /

now I have no hello, I just downgrade it with omnius - and guess what - I have installed hello again, and now there is no ROMpatcher

what an odysey

Posted by panonski

I run it again, the mistake was in the mem. card ( it wasn't be in phone during helloo2x instaling )

i need to know how do I acess to this file TO Install:
1. Enable Open4All in RomPatcher+
2. Delete C:\\Private\\102072c4

Now I have in satio R1CA037 vODAFONE. ...

I'm planning to update to R2ak006, and I'm total beginer in this. I need some real help here.

I want to install kokoro mod 3.2 version and I want to install eltofer camdriver.

Just downloaded X PLORE and I still can't see Private folder on :C or E:

In which program I can mess around with these files?
That's a first question,

How I can upload firmware and not to lose my helloo2x hacked

/ I bought omnisu license for one day, be quick /

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