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just buy SATIO ) any advice ? )

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Posted by panonski
Hi fellows,

I just buy SE SATIO, firmware version 1218-9500_R1BB041

maybe some of you remember that I'm big fun of mobile photography, and the fact I hate so much smartness in phones , also touchscreens as well...


Instead of searching of numerous threads I was wonder if someone can up in this theme with some usefull advice about SEUS, hacking ( what does it mean exactly ), and of course firmware or CAMDRIVER.

I just power on my phone, and the first thing I would do is to download some valuable firmware. I read that lots of you have some issue with latest R2AK006 version of firmware cause hacked app doesn't work so you downgrade it to R1CA037.

come on guys hit me with something good, can't wait to start use my new baby
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Posted by NightBlade
You're an idiot. You should have waited for a good Android cameraphone. Symbian becomes a complete and utter pain to use after a year and a half.

Sorry for not being helpful, but I had tp say this.

Posted by panonski
you're always be easy on pretty words

Yes, I know I should wait, but my C905 is breaking appart, and every time when flex cable or keyboard was broke, I lost valuable informations cause in service by default puts latest firmware.

Once I asked not to do that, and I almost fight with some women in SE service on telephone about that.
She said:"Sorrry, it's a rule of firm SonyEricsson and there is nothing I can do about that"

Well, I said, if my wish is not to change data and firmware in my phone, should you do as I say so, particurarly my phone does not any sistem failure,

it's always about FLEX CABEL, or keys which conect screen and main core.

( 4 times in service in 2 years - annoying )

Second, my C905 isn't in guaranty any more, and I should pay for that. I simply decide to buy new phone. Satio is already very cheap in our market ( 200 euros - new one)

Is there some valuable phone on market with such a good quality of camera? No.

Ok, it's a symbian, and it's a annoying. I can live with that one year more
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Posted by NightBlade
Fair enough. Good luck.

And congrats.

Posted by panonski

On 2011-07-08 12:25:30, NightBlade wrote:
Fair enough. Good luck.

And congrats.

Tnx bro, I hope that my jorney with Satio will not be dissapointmet

Posted by Tsepz_GP
You could have got a 2nd hand Nokia N8, that has a better camera, and newer more useable Symbian.

Posted by panonski
yea, but I like SE

Posted by adsada
damn if se made the satio, but thinner, capacitive screen and android 2.3 I'd buy it straight off... really annoying why they refuse xenon flashes on the new line up, like come on!

Posted by panonski
yeah, that's true

I read in newspapers few days ago, that SE release new improve firmware for Satio,

and all I can find for latest is R2AK006, which is actually released in 2010

Posted by Rookwise
The latest Satio firmwares are:-

R2AK006 - Operator branded and also Generic


R2AK007 and R2AM001

However these were operator branded or Generic Hong Kong only. You will find them on Davinci Teams website.

There has been no other firmware available after these and there never will be unfortunately.
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Posted by panonski
I'm in Europe, Croatia,

which one is best ( and fastiest ) ?

Posted by panonski

now it's the time for first impressions - With many things I'm dissapointed, but only because it's the touch smart phone.

For handling and much usefull device C905 or ...you name it, is much much convinient.
Tje main reason I bought it, is cause there is no anything on the market which satisfied my needs ( something between very smart phone with superior camera and java phone )

I'm not upgrade it yet - I notice some issues like freezing, but I expected that.

So what's the trouble so far... Waitnig for certifikate and key . chinese site doesn't work for me, or the list of waiting is to big.

I tried more, so I was enter my IMEI in this site www.s60certkey.com

They said 24-48 hours, but it's already past more than 72 h and nothing is going on....

The main reason is cause I want to hack it by HELLOO2X, and I must stay with this firmaware till I'll do that, cause new firmware R2-AK-006 is not hackable if you want install HELLOO2X clearly.
Supposed everybody know that.

waiting for certifikate so far ...

and in their info I must have certifikate and key to start the program.

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