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2011 MTN Free Internet For PC Browse & Download at 86kb/s Highspeed

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Posted by sharpguy

Posted by kickerZ_69
Nice work guy

Posted by Trevorian
Damn,and i thought u had sumthing new

Posted by voodowizzard
@ kickerz 69, welcome on Esato bro

Posted by kickerZ_69
@voodowizzard..thanks man ...such a warm welcome ..makes me feel sooo special ... i had to use this puke emo it looks so cool lol

Posted by QUALCOMM
How do I convert my mobile simcard to an international one, so that I can browse & download for free using only my cellphone (opera-mini).

Posted by QUALCOMM
For PC I use my Vodafone ZTE modem MTN-SA network, no proxies or tunnels, no data-bundles, no international simcard & my download speeds range from 42kbps~2.8mbps/3.2mbps.

Posted by cheelix

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Posted by Perseus

On 2011-04-27 10:36:39, QUALCOMM wrote:
For PC I use my Vodafone ZTE modem MTN-SA network, no proxies or tunnels, no data-bundles, no international simcard & my download speeds range from 42kbps~2.8mbps/3.2mbps.

yeah I'll believe this... got it running my side as well.

Posted by Genieas
yeah yeah, can u prove it???

Posted by syfy000

Posted by wagter
Woef,woef ek se.

Posted by Perseus

On 2011-05-17 13:02:12, Genieas wrote:
yeah yeah, can u prove it???

Voodoo Wizard will confirm this If required

Posted by touns_J
here we go again ....you people always amaze me loool....

Posted by Genieas
i wonder wot hapend 2 estato members???

Anybody got link 4 vlounger??

Posted by sharpguy
OperaHandlerUI na8.ta has come to an end, it got blocked 2day. FBT's dying slowly but surely, look komaka this:
Trevorian wrote:
"Hey,u got anything working?Cproxy don't work anymore and i'm going out of my mind here."
This aragotha PM I recieved 2day 4rom a member, I know some of you still use OMHandlerUI Vodatricks...be a son/daughter of god & pm 2 sharpguy....I repeat. . . .sharpguy.

(Apache server at im.mtn.co.za port:80)

Posted by Dabangg
i have working fs for voda and 8.ta ,but i wil not share here, you know y? Coz when i was in need of fuc*king help, i begged to evry nice person i cud, but no1 helped me,and what i got from here? Nothing, so why wil i loose somethng for nothng? Im not f*kn stupid to share in thz place.

Posted by sharpguy
It even denies access now!!!
I think its this magamganyo Native User Agent ID saksakoronj onjeng!!!

Posted by Mash.doc
Dabangg I Won't Say You Are Greedy But You Are Helping Yourself....!!!!

Sun Rise's & Fall...Be Prepared For The Night

Posted by Trevorian
Lol,i guess that clarifies it.

Posted by quickie
anybody wanna swop 1 trick with me speeds about 130kbps
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Posted by falie
hi dudes can someone help me with fbt im new and want to help u dudes if someone can help me get started started.

Posted by Saibot67
Vodacom had the best trick, cud sum1 please pm me on the latest n greatest free internet trix. Pls let it be a internet veteran who knows wat his tawking abowt.

Posted by falie
saibot ive got browsing on cellc do u have something in exchange.

Posted by Mapkid
guys to accec more tricks without being blocked on your topic just visit this http://bongo.wapka.mobi and discus new tricks now

Posted by Vimak
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Posted by genieas260
B@\\\\ ;-(

Posted by b0ng0s

On 2011-08-10 23:28:53, sharpguy wrote:
buy a HUAWEI e220/e230 usbmodem [locked/unlocked] with hsdpa support. then contact MXO @ 078 582 5344 & make arrangements so that he can convert it to an international modem that can access internet 24/7 no limitations, no slow downloads, no tunnels.
you can also buy E156G or K3565-Z(vodafone zte) but this guy's gonna demand a lot in order to do these.

Yoh!! We really are taken for idiots!! .Take that international modem of yours and eat it up, we not going to pay for FBT!! how could you expect us to pay for something that is suppose to be free!!

Posted by genieas260
hahahahaha hahahahaha

Posted by doellied2
Hi guyz still dead here xse

Posted by sharpguy
Ey' yo bongos a.k.a Mapkid...whatcha doin' @ 9jaclub?

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