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Where does Symbian save BT transfers

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Posted by bl-gr-n
I just transfered 5 mp3s from my computer to the Vivaz Pro.
Got a little surprised that it all went so smooth, but now I can't find the mp3s in the Vivaz Pro. They was copied as I can play them in the phone but I just can't find them with the File manager.

I want to find them and move them to a single Music folder (with subfolders)

Does somebody know where Symbian saves Bluetooth FTP files?

Posted by etaab
It depends how you sent them using Bluetooth, what memory they're stored in and whether you saved them or not.

If you just used send via Bluetooth from your pc, they go into your phones sms inbox as a message. If you choose to save them, they get saved in a folder called either attachments or received files. This also depends on whether you save items to the memory card or the phones own memory. So it will be either C or E drive. Check both.

Another place to check is data / sounds / digital on older Symbian devices. Again, dependant on which drive you saved them, phone memory C or memory card E.

It varies from device to device so this might not be completely accurate, if all else fails, just go through every folder. Symbian by default hides files you shouldnt touch so dont worry about opening folders until you find the right one.

Posted by bl-gr-n
There they where, in the attachments folder.

Thanks for the help, etaab.

Symbian really have it's steep learning curve.

Posted by etaab
It can be yeah but once you know how to use it you'll find it a very powerful platform.

Posted by NightBlade
Not really.

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