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C902 Supercybershot™ camdriver 2011

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Posted by burak5
In the next days i want to make my first camdriver . The name is Supercybershot™.
Whats new (from original driver) ?
-Increased sharpness
-Increased image quality
-better macro shots
-more Flash Power (1400 ma)
-better color compresions

I hope you test my driver (you can download it at http://www.4shared.com/file/_U9gEP9o/Supercybershot_v12_2.html)

Verson 1.2
-Fixes many bugs
Version 1.0
-red to dark
-sharpness improved
Version 0.97 beta
-image quality now higher
-minor bugfixes

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Posted by burak5
why anyone post something?

Posted by Kirankj1724
i don own a C902.. but nice dat ur modding
All de best
photo samples would be really helpful in understanding wat changes ur driver makes..
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Posted by burak5
the link http://www.4shared.com/file/3v0ftJ9S/Supercybershot_v12.html
photos comes in next time

Posted by DivineJakiro
Woah! not bad

Posted by kuzey69
Dostum indireceğimiz link nerde?

Posted by burak5
sorry i started bad this version has much bugs new versions comes

Posted by DivineJakiro
burak5, need support?

Posted by blior32017
Can this work on w902 ?

Posted by DivineJakiro

Posted by ShawashSari
i have tried to use the driver for the C902. but it doesn't work. the camera cannot start. i found three driver files in the system folder. so, how can i deal with them? to what they relate?

Posted by DivineJakiro
just camdriver0.dat is for the main camera, other camdriver1.dat and camdriver2.dat is for other..i not very sure about camdriver2.dat or camdriver1.dat....some of the phone camdriver1.dat is front camera..3G camera..

Posted by ShawashSari
@ DivineJakiro Thanks for your reply. I am sorry, after installing new driver for the C902, the camera couldn't start. I have tried many camdrivers, but the only that worked and works is the original one. I don't know the reason. I am new here, if any one can help..

Posted by DivineJakiro
have you try burak driver??? his driver work??? or you want me help you make one??
and please check your firmware version
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Posted by ShawashSari
@ DivineJakiro thank you so much for your assistance..
Yes, Burak driver is working, but still not compared with the original one, i have noticed that the picture size is greater. I am wondering if the driver has a language file.

Thank you...

Posted by ShawashSari
@ DivineJakiro what about the driver develpoed by you and Anouk??

this :- Ultimate Camera Manager v9.0 C903 Transfer Data to C902 for All c902 Users By Divine Jakiro + ANOUK.dat

Posted by ShawashSari
@ DivineJakiro I am sorry for causing annoyance!! Burak driver is great, but there is a problem that the image can'y be saved with high quality!!!

Posted by DivineJakiro
ok, i next to used burak camdriver to do some function to you ,.. but i am busy for my exam...so please be patient..

Posted by ShawashSari
May Allah the greatest bless you always, and good luck for your exam

Posted by DivineJakiro
about anouk and me...i just insert my function in his driver > mean > manual setting + 7MB quality photo

Posted by burak5
sorry for bad start V 1.2 fixes bugs
hope you try .i have not time to show photo samples sry but you can test it and give reply .
Link :http://www.4shared.com/file/_U9gEP9o/Supercybershot_v12_2.html
Page 1 for changelog.If you have time post pls photos

Posted by burak5

On 2011-04-24 12:07:26, ShawashSari wrote:
@ DivineJakiro Thanks for your reply. I am sorry, after installing new driver for the C902, the camera couldn't start. I have tried many camdrivers, but the only that worked and works is the original one. I don't know the reason. I am new here, if any one can help..

I want to help you.i think your c902 is AO and here is AO driver from my driver
I am sure it willl work

Posted by ShawashSari
@ Burak
Thank you so much, this one http://www.4shared.com/file/_U9gEP9o/Supercybershot_v12_2.html works, but still not used it to take photos, i 'll try to use the camera and support you by my notes, and i 'll try to use the other one and also tell you. :)

Posted by burak5
Thank you for interest ShawashSari because not much people test my driver
hope you can post photos.

Posted by ShawashSari
You are most welcome Burak5...

is there any file that can change the text for the camera interface??

Posted by burak5
I dont konw what do you mean but i edit the camdriver with editor of windows and compare with other camdrivers with the program "Compare it".

Posted by ShawashSari
[@ Burak
i mean by the interface; the menus and options.

here you can find some photos, taken by your driver:-


Posted by ShawashSari
Oooops!!! Iam facing difficulties in uploading more images!!!

Posted by DivineJakiro
ShawashSari is mean interface of camera...You need download a software called "Lng Editor"...and editor the en.lng file..
en = english...

Posted by Legas2
there is missing ';' under 'FLASH_LIMIT_ISO800 ='

The driver is for AS!
I've modified driver for c902 AO phones: http://www.4shared.com/file/8E83DGk8/Supercybershot_v12_2_AO.html
please release new versions next time for both hardwares
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Posted by fluke9
This is what should have been posted.

Posted by burak5
sry but i dont have anymore a c902 .I have a C905 now sry but i worked hard on this
driver and i think its pretty enough.I hope anyone can continue to impove my driver.Sry guys

Posted by paparazy
hi friends Camdriver paparazy line shutter speed bug AF best flash night (sony effort to limit uses technology to enhance future releases)

// Property 23, Flash required

seq_get_prop_17 = // Return values: 0 = No flash, 1 = flash
$sf.06 0 // Initialize flash flag
$-4 02
$m0 4
$c0 01 // Low light?
$cc 00
#SET_REG(91,00) // Set flash OFF - no current
$cd 00 // Flash OFF?
#SET_REG(91,00) // Set flash OFF
$cl // Else check light level, Auto, Auto RER
$sf.06 1 // Set flash flag
#COM_EVENT(55,06) // Increase contrast to 1 by paparazy optional
#SET_REG(6C,3f) // 4 frames, camera controls AF by paparazy 23 Line bug shutter speed best flash
#SET_REG(91,07) // Exposure adjustment by paparazy 06 optional
#SET_REG(91,00) // Set flash OFF
#SET_REG(6C,00) // No AF-light
$s1 00 $s2 00 $s3 00

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