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LF: any phone, 60120

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Posted by dude_se
closest to 60 as possible. unlocked or on tmobile. used or new, as long as its in good condition and has a charger.

need one asap. let me know what you have. i was hoping for a wildfire, but whatever...

edit: wouldnt mind a cheap n95 gb!!!! or possibly a touch screen version of that (crap with nokias these days, how much are n97's etc? if they even have a touch screen...)
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Posted by Rookwise
Got an x10 mini for sale. Pics are in my for sale thread.

Posted by dude_se
sorry mate not really for me.

got my eye on a n97/n97 mini, n95 8gb, htc wildfire

and still welcome to anything else. im just a bit fussy on SE these days.

i did have a samsung wave but the screen cracked (still works, just the case is cracked), so cant stand using it, but want something thats nearly as good.

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