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LF: HTC Desire Z & Desire HD

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Posted by zub
as title, not too fussed about nick, but screen must be spotless. preferably unlocked or on t-mobile.


Posted by Flexasist

[ This Message was edited by: Flexasist on 2015-01-13 12:37 ]

Posted by zub
you have PM.

Posted by oneofthebest
350 pounds...paypal accepted...shipping charges included...pm if interested and we can chit chat

Posted by zub
sorry guys bro has decided to wait till after christmas for the desire HD as prices seem a bit too high atm.

on another note i am still looking for a Desire Z. was that 350 for a desire z or hd?

Posted by oneofthebest
desire z

Posted by zub
Sorry that's a bit too much for a desire z.

Posted by zub
can mods close thread, i am no longer looking for these

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