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please help, looking for a SE ringtone (mp3 preview inside)

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Posted by holyseal

I recently heard a ringtone in a tv show and it reminded me I used to have it and loved it as an alarm sound.
I looked throught all my files but couldn't find it...
I used to own a k750i and a k800i but browsing for original content from these devices on the net, I found
a lot of stuff but not this particular tone

I'm sure someone out there must have it !

you can listen to it here.

Thanks in advance for your help >_< !

Posted by tranced
I have a K790 and that sound is not there. In the K770 neither. Don't you remember its name?

Posted by holyseal
sadly, no.

my gf at the time had a w830i I think, maybe it was from that model... But I'm pretty sure I got it either on the
K750i or the K800i.

The K750i was bought in France, however I bought the K800i on ebay I think so not sure about it's origin.

Posted by tranced
Well, somehow I will try to find a K750 FS extracted and check if it's there.

Posted by holyseal
Thanks for trying to help, tranced.

I'm amazed that out of the many people checking this topic, no one recognized that tone o_o

Posted by tranced
I found a K750 FS but I didn't find the ringtone you're looking for. I doubt the K800 has it.

Here's the FS: http://www.4shared.com/file/SVNVScQQ/k750_R1DB001_FS_Folder.htm
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Posted by holyseal
I think the original content changes depending on the region.... thanks for trying, though !

Posted by strauts
try www.topse.ru they have original content of al se phones, and you can download what you want, sounds, pictures, themes, games, app's, videos, and all staff what you need, only lack - russian.

Posted by holyseal
yeah I ended up on that site a day or 2 ago, downloaded some firmwares .fbn files, and got a supposed extractor (read3150, v0.7) but it always gives an error when i try to extract :/

I found the original content section, now looking throught it, crossing fingers >_<

edit 2:

I downloaded and checked EVERY single ringtone in all the archives.
It's not there.

*cries in the corner*

I'm sure of 2 things:
It came from a SE phone.
It was a midi file. not an MP3 nor a m4a
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Posted by AlexJumper
I'm 100% sure it's from a SE and 75% sure that it's a system ringtone. Makes my K770 restart when I try to play it. xD. Anyways, why don't you try recording with TrackIDô, you may get a result from there?

Posted by holyseal
1 year later... bump ? ><
still couldn't find it... not that I searched for a whole year, but I looked from time to time...

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