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Concept: HTC HDD by NAK .

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Posted by Psikopathe
Hi, you probably don't know me, i'm Psikopathe, i'm not a professional and i don't earn nothing to do that, it's just for fun ...
I try to imagine some cool concepts about smartphones i would like to have. Here is the last one (the HTC HDD for Touch HD Dual), all specifications and what i imagined for it is in the images below.
I'm waiting for your comments (good or bad !!!...) ...

All is here --> NAK PHONE DESIGN

Enjoy ...

Posted by Remort1
dude, this is absolutely beautiful, i really want to have such a smartphone, well, i know this is just a concept, but a really good one! great job (:

Posted by -16-
This concept is so...so...complete! It's great! Looks very real and the specs are also realistic I think...(sry 4 bad english)
And the ideas are really great! Make it happen Please.
[ This Message was edited by: -16- on 2010-10-11 21:50 ]

Posted by fairen
Everything I ever want on a phone. Nice concept phone. Maybe you can start thinking about making a career out of this now?

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