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Orange 12month contract?

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Posted by fatreg
anyone managed it recently either through upgrades or retentions?


Posted by weirdwilli
Seems like 12 month contracts are dying, O2 won't offer me one through retentions.
I've found a decent enough deal here if you don't need to many minutes: http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/buy/HTC-WILDFIRE-TD212-FCON
You can also get the X10 Mini Pro on the same deal with the same 50 cost up front

EDIT: oh, and 40 Quidco too http://www.quidco.com/carphone-warehouse/?ac
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Posted by fluke9
O2 flatly refused a 12 month contract on an upgrade the last time I upgraded (18 months ago), unless it was sim only and the offer was rubbish, that's why I'm off to giffgaff next month.

Posted by Bonovox
Seems to be only Tesco who still offer 12 months even with the iphone

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