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good website or shop. flights Toronto - London - Dublin-Toronto

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Posted by ofiaich

can any Canadians here give me some advice? My friends wants to travel from Toronto to London then to Dublin and back to Toronto

She asked me if this site was OK. http://www.cheapoair.com/ I have no idea!

Any advice appreciated about travel shops, or good Canadian internet sites for flights!


Posted by RLP06
I do the Toronto-London (home base is Toronto) flight a lot (6 times a year?), it's expensive around this time of year if you want to fly Air Canada or BA.

If comfort isn't a big concern to her, she can fly on Air Transat (seats are extra small), if she's not in a rush (delays) and doesn't mind a plane that smells like curry (literally), she can fly on Air India. I think she'll find the best price if she comes to London on a return ticket and then takes easyJet to Dublin or something.

With all that said, I have flown both, and have cursed both airlines. I only really like to fly Air Canada anymore (they have more suitable times for me than BA). But it will cost you $300-$500 extra to fly with these guys. Which is approximate 3-5 more W900i's for you ; )

Posted by ofiaich
Hi RLP06!

thanks for that! She does have an international flavour about her, so maybe.. Curry...

I think she should choose Toronto to London and return, and book separately, London to Dublin. We will also go to Paris!

She is thinking January or February so hopefully will be cheaper!


Posted by masseur
...or maybe not. I'm just booking a trip back home to oz in March and the air passenger duty is going up considerably from November. From then it will cost 170 to leave the UK on long haul if you're not flying economy!

even in economy class it will still cost 85 to leave the uk!

Posted by ofiaich
Hi masseur,

do you think this applies when travelling from Toronto to Heathrow? Maybe not to arrive at Heathrow, unless Canada does something similar?

I know we will travel from London to Paris and return and later she wants to travel London to Dublin and return.

I will take a look at your link now...

My next Japan trip will probably be August 2011.

I guess there is not point for her to try to book her flights as early as possible... because the dates for the increases are already in place?

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Posted by masseur
The charge is for departure by air only, and most countries I know have a charge of some sort.

The amount depends on how far your trip takes you.

Here is the official HMRC page with all the details.

It just seems such a rip off to me... its essentially a departure tax of either 170 (or 85) every time I go back to oz!

Posted by ofiaich
thanks masseur,

Yes, a rip off.. Thanks for the link.

I might be in Japan 3 times in 2011, so I am not so happy either.

I wonder if the Queen's flight or the PM's flight will be charged!


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