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Posted by Mizzle
Its been awfully quiet on se-blog.com lately and Im the one to blame for that, so first og foremost: Im sorry. For personal reasons I have been and will be unable to continue publishing content there.

However, that doesnt mean se-blog.com should die. There are lots of talented people out there with a passion for phones and I think Ive found a way we can keep the site going turning it into a community of blogs. You see, WordPress (the content management system were running) has a multi-site feature, which makes it possible to set up many blogs on a single domain. If youve been wanting to do a blog about Sony Ericsson, this might as well be your chance to do it!

Well host all your files on our server and well handle all sorts of maintenance. All you have to do is deliver content of your own choice related to Sony Ericsson, naturally. The blog URLs will be blogname.se-blog.com.

The original se-blog.com will of course stay where its always been (hopefully with more activity) and well see if its possible to get community blog posts on the homepage of se-blog.com. This will also mean that youll get a head start on readers.

So, what do you say is it something we should go for?


Posted by DarkKrypt
i like your idea mizzle. im starting my own, but i can always add comments just to keep the place alive.

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