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meego for satio !

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Posted by Mr.Krypton
hello guys i recently found meego is working on n900 i hope to work out on satio

can we guys ???

Posted by motvikt
n900: maemo---->meego
satio: symbian

so.. no
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Posted by stefdag
lol how did you found that out? First of all meego its not even out yet.and on our phones we can't even install firmware of any other symbian device how could we install linux? it would be great tho but i guess we have to move to the n900 for such things

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Isn't this old news? MeeGo was unofficialy released for Maemo N900 like over a month ago by the Maemo devs. wasnt it? Maemo and MeeGo arent that different AFAIK, MeeGo is partly an updated version of Maemo if im not mistaken,and so it makes sense that N900 can run MeeGo. MeeGo apps will be ported to N900 anyway.

Posted by alenn
I WISH.If I had enough money for that LG GW990...

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