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one touch shortcut to "Music Player" on Elm

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Posted by Ultraa
I have just received a new Sony Ericsson Elm.

On my K800i, there is a play button on the left side of the phone which is really handy for playing music.

But on the Elm getting to the music player is a lot more difficult, even though I create a shortcut to the "media" option, in order to access to the music player, i will have to scroll down once, select "music", then click on "resume", which is rather inconvenient.

i just wondered is it possible to create a one touch shortcut to "Music Player"?
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Posted by Rookwise
Nope. You access Media by pressing down on the d pad. Or if you buy a bluetooth stereo headset/car headunit you can start the music playing by pressing the play button on the headset/headunit.

No other way AFAIK

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