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Satio unlocking issues @ Davinci Team [SOLVED]

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Posted by Thijs_Rallye
Just as a warning to everyone.

Davinci is currently having problems unlocking the SE Satio's. Since they didn't mention it at all while purchasing the least I can do is give you guys a warning here.

I've posted it at their forum also, but the admin keeps removing my post. I've also read (with the necessary luck) a post from another Satio owner that he/she is waiting for three months now for the unlock. (whose posts also are being removed all the time.)

They don't respond to their email with the simple question for a time estimate, since I have a few days left to return the phone. Therefore I would like to give everyone at esato a fair warning.

I know Chris reads here as well, I hope he now has the decency to give a proper estimate.

grtz Thijs
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Posted by Rookwise
Why doesn't this suprise me. I'm still waiting the outcome of a failed firmware flash on a G900 just over a year ago. I also posted on their forum along with others who were having problems with Symbian handsets. I also contacted their 'so called' customer support (also called Chris) and they were very rude and agressive. I since now only use them as a last resort.

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Posted by Bonovox
Forget Symbian go Android

Posted by gharknes1
I had mine debranded............it was on Voda UK so was already unlocked and didn't have an issue

Posted by Thijs_Rallye
Well, appearantly it took a post here @ Esato to get an answer. The unofficial update is that the problems are solved tonight. Note: unofficial. So, lets wait and see.

grtz Thijs

Posted by Techtel
oh oh. Today German Support says the Funktion is coming Today.

(Another Post: http://www.seuniverse.com/for[....]rt/20694-satio-unlocking.html)

We`ll see

Posted by Techtel
in the Link my post bevore.

The last two reply from "Elmar" and "KingSatio" was delete *gg*

Thijs_Rallye you are right!

Posted by Thijs_Rallye

looks like your post is deleted also . Still no solution available. I've sent Chris another email.

I've also seen another post by Elmar with a bit of a frustrated reply from Chris.

To be completely honest, I feel quite misled by Davinci. I hope they will offer a solution within the next few days, or else I'm going to contact Paypal to start a procedure to get my money back. My first buy with Paypal, and I got screwed immedeatly .

grtz Thijs


Let's see how many minutes this one stays on the forum:

I have purchased 50 credits from the store and when I go to connect the device the only options that come up are debranding and flashing custom firmware. I definitely selected the right model of phone when I purchased the credits. Any idea why this isn't available to unlock and also when it is likely to become available.


Apologies, this is a problem on our end - we'll have a solution in place in the next 48 hours or so and we'll contact you directly via email when unlocking is good to go.

Cheers, and thanks for your patience!

oooooh prompt reply....barely blink and you're in there

thanx for your help

It's probably gonna be a very long 48 hours I'm afraid.


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Posted by Techtel
Why doesn't this suprise me. Post deleted in Davinci Forum

Posted by Thijs_Rallye
Let's see how long this one stays online.

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Posted by Techtel
Always the same ...

Posted by Thijs_Rallye
There was a post in this topic again, which stated that the issues for his phone should be resolved monday. Let's wait and see...

grtz Thijs

Posted by sale987
Yeah, you shell post this 1 month ago. And i have paid 15 euros for unlocking, (As it says Satio is unlockable) and after i paid i saw it is impossible unfortunatelly. Now my credits waiting for nothing :S

Posted by heara
well it seems davinci has released the new client 22.75 satio unlock is back

Posted by Techtel
The next Posting from civicjordan
with Problems: http://www.seuniverse.com/for[....]0704-unlock-problem-satio.html


i have just spent 60 credits to flash and unlock my Satio. it flashed the phone ok, but the unlock part wasn't working. it still asks me to enter code to unlock the network when i turn on the phone. I thought the Service Client suppose to handle that part already as it said unlock successfully, or is there something i need to do? many thanks

Posted by Techtel
The German Support of Davinci helps fine....

Now my Satio is unlockt

Wow, *gg*

Posted by Thijs_Rallye
Hey Techtel,

I've tried unlocking it to no avail I'm afraid. I've opened another help ticket for this one. (MapCalc error)

Could you give me the adress from the German support?

grtz Thijs

Edit: and congrats on the unlock
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Posted by Thijs_Rallye
Problems at Davinci are solved, my phone is unlocked now...

grtz Thijs

Posted by naz4tech
I twice bought 20 each credits to debrand and unlock my Satio , but nothing, it just flushed my Satio nothing else just complete rubbish service from Davinci, I sent many emails to them but not a single email was answered to. I believe Davinci is just scaming people.

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