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Camera is too white

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Posted by Savaga
Hi guys,

I had been taking some nice quality pics with my Xpera X1, but very recently ALL photos are being taken ... "too white". If I take a pic in clear daylight, even if I am resting my hand, etc etc ... the photo is blurred by the over saturation of white in the photo. I have hard resetted the phone, installed new drivers ... still ... I cannot take a decent pic.

I am frustrated as I used to take some really nice photos with it before ...here are some examples:



Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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Posted by gedas5
@ savaga

hey clean the lens! i bet you there are fingerprints everywhere on your camera lens that's why the pictures come out like this

Posted by Savaga
hehe i'm not that stupid I have cleaned the lense many times ..

thanks though

Posted by Savaga
I do have small scratches on the circular part of the camera ... so as I was instructed to do on another forum, I put some toothpaste on it and rubbed it a bit on it ... and BOOM, scratches are gone and photos are great again!

so for anyone else who has this problem or needs to remove scratches off the camera lense - TOOTHPASTE works !

Posted by mriley
Can you show us the improvement?

Posted by Savaga
Sure, here you go ... I just took these 2 photos of my backyard ... compare them with the "previous" photos and you will see how much more crisp the photos are



Posted by gedas5
@ savaga

glad you found the solution happy picture taking with clean lense!

EDIT: by the way this toothpaste thing is great!!! just cleaned my old w810 lense and no more scratches left
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Posted by strauts
yeah, toothpaste works on cd's too:)

Posted by ScottMallue
You mean something is wrong with your camera? Nothing can do except take it to after sale service.

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