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Elm. Music through bluetooth headset

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Posted by bobjbarker
I can make calls through my bluetooth headset connected to my Elm phone.
But when I play music on the Elm it comes through the speaker. How can I get the music to come through my connected bluetooth headset?
Any ideas?
Many thanks in advance.

Posted by buntoo
Your BT headset must be A2DP supported to stream the phone audio.

Posted by ceaser2008
Which bluetooth handset you are using?

Posted by bobjbarker
Thanks for the responses.

Its a Geemarc CL BlueHook2 - specifically used by hearing aid wearers like myself.

Just to confirm I can receive calls in and out of the headset on my Elm phone but not the music.

Posted by ceaser2008
Your bluetooth handset has no A2DP support. Means you cannot listen to music not only from phone but also from pc with it.

Posted by korbindallis
you should try the MW600

Posted by NoroBiik
Not that simple replacing this with a typical BT headset i think this one doesn't have an earpiece , from a Geemarc product link :

The Geemarc Bluehook is a simple to use solution that makes Bluetooth easily accessible to hearing aid wearers. The Bluehook is an inductive hands-free device that sends the sound from the mobile phone to the hearing aid wearer via their telecoil, providing the user with clear communication via mobile phone.

Operation is simple ; there is a single multi-function button to answer and end a call. Simply place the hooks over your ears, next to your BTE hearing aids, turn on the device, activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone, and switch your hearing aids to 'T'. Easy!


The device transmits the stereo sound through the skin with those coils - avoiding the need for another earpiece.
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