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Help me with new game

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Posted by ceaser2008
Hi all.

Couple of days back, i have downloaded one game namely DLF IPL 2010 official game from 4shared. Its file size is 840 kb. It is being sold on my provider's homepage at Rs. 99. And i got it for free.

It ran very well. Basically its a cricket game based on IPL. In tournament mode, it stucks on 3rd match, after completing an over.

I thought as it has only .jar file, lack of .jad file is causing this problem. So i decided to buy one. Yesterday, i bought it but again it also stucks at the same point. Now i have .jad file also installed. The .jar file size is 860 kb.

Can anyone help me to understand what causes this ? Also can anyone modify the .jar file for me to solve this problem ?

Posted by strauts
first of all .jad is a litle file with url link for downloading:) for playing is needed only .jar. Maybe your phone just cant run it.

Posted by litemint
what phone are you using? maybe the phone can't install a 850kb worth of filesize. If you can post it here and let us try it. hehehe

Posted by ceaser2008
Litemint, i have K850i. And there is no problem with phone running that 850 kb game. Cause i am running 3.7 mb .jar file size game without any problem. .

Here is the game.

Select your team as mumbai indians and play tournament mode. In 3 game, your game will stuck.

Posted by litemint
ok ceasar, let me try it on my w660. I'll get back on you.

Posted by suresh86
Ceaser, same here, it gets stuck somewhere. Anyway it is not a good game

Posted by ceaser2008
Oh you are also facing the same problem.

By the way, suresh, where have you been? Long time, no see. How are you?

Posted by litemint
ceasar, mine as well. K610@w660

it hangs at this part, 3rd game.

Posted by ceaser2008
Absolutly right. What can be done? I think game is good. What do you think?

To avoid this, you have to choose bowling first after winning the toss and dont let them score many run and you chase that target before 4 overs and you're through. I have avoid this situation in advancement in tournament many times but near the end of all league matches, it crashed at start of game.
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Posted by suresh86
Thanks @ceaser for remembering me.
I visit esato quite often but dont post much, maybe because i have a nokia now.

Posted by strauts
Hi, i tried out this game, and on my w508 its working perfectly! It doesnt hung up at that 3d place. Sory but your phone is just too old.

Posted by wackyboey
open only jar files

jad is only for dowload
to get the url for download

open .jad file with notepad and copy the url.jar and download this

Posted by anky10
Hi bro,some time ago i downld a game.In the next inning game hang i tried 1thng,TURN MUSIC OFF.Then game running perfctly.
I hv k530i.
Try abv trick hope ur problm solve plz post ur reply

Posted by ceaser2008
I always play all games with sound off as it would lag terribly while transferring sound to my bluetooth handset, ds980.

Thanks for your reply.

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