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O2 hook a duck suprise PROBLEM

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Posted by mysterio
just caught 3 ducks (gold suprise) on 02 suprises and all the offers were out of date i was really angry so i just left it and if it happens again im leaving o2 payg and getting a contract with them
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Posted by lukechris
Completely off topic, but are you mysterio?

Posted by Bonovox
He is, it's getting mysterious By the way that gold surprise when I was last with O2 was crap. The prizes are not much to shout about & everytime I topped up I always got the same offers. Though it ain't as bad as Orange Bright Top Up's. Their prizes are pathetic & a waste of time. I once topped up ten quid & I won........wait for it............50p credit!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow generous, push the boat out Orange

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