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Are Orange having a giraffe?

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Posted by fatreg


you what!?



Posted by amawanqa
That's absolutely ridiculous. Fools indeed!

Posted by Nanu
That phone is older than my Mother......

Posted by Bonovox
Jesus i knew Orange were expensive but that is crazy. Is it because they are including free gifts in the package for Mothers day? It's more basic than basic
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Posted by Bonovox
You can get a phone now with a 5 mega pixel camera for cheaper than that ie c902 or LG Viewty. Surely its a mis print

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Posted by lukechris
When I saw the title of this thread I thought they'd brought out another animal package

Posted by dizzybee
Was that thing even 99 quid when it first came out?

Posted by fatreg

79.99 I think..

Posted by mysterio
thats for all those rich old people who whould buy a nokia brick for 139.99 on ebay
ive seen it?

Posted by phonecrzy
thats stupid i fully remember this phone being 49.99 when first released if you brought it from orange, i was looking for ages at the time for a cheap deal on the W810i (which was 200 then because it was just released) and then i saw it for only 159.99 from orange.


w880i 130 hahahaha

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