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Problem with PC suite and Satio (long SMS)

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Posted by jnse

I'm having some problem with my Satio and PC Suite.
If I'm trying to send a SMS through PC Suite that is longer than 160 char,
then PC Suite loose my bluetooth connection to my phone after a while and the message is still in the "outbox" in PC Suite.

To connect the phone again i have to restart it and delete the message in PC Suite, or it will drop connection again.

Everything has been working fine until the Satio update, I use to send long SMS via PC Suite.

I have tried to "Repair phone" in PC Suite, i have tried to install the FW again, i have tried to restore the phone to factory settings, but I can't get it to work with long SMS again...

Anyone here who have got the same problem and know what i can try to do?

I'm not sure if the problem is with my phone or my PC.
But as far as i Know, I haven't made any changes to my PC.

EDIT: I have tested to send long SMS from my laptop to now, but it is still the same problem, so it must be some problem with my phone...
Is there any way to reinstall the old FW again? It worked before upgrading to the new one.
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Posted by mrphil_cymru
I have exactly the same problem however I'm connecting via USB... the PC Suite connection mode does not recover until I switch the SATIO off and back on. All other USB modes are OK, even when PC Suite mode crashes. The current firmware sucks... it's about time another update got release, the last one was nearly 3 months ago.

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