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what bluetooth headset I need to buy for p1?

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Posted by mobile_fish
I want to listen FM radio in my Sony Ericson P1i mobile. what best quality bluetooth headset I need to buy ?
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Posted by pt020
You can not listen to the radio with your bluetooth headset.
The wire works as antenna.
there is one way to listen to FM radio if you will buy the SE MW-600 bluetooth that has FM tuner build in. (can't say if it works on the P1i)
On my P1i i use different bluetooth recivers .... have the Sony Ericsson HBH 200/205/220
200 is basic with simple headphones,so if you have better headphones this one is the best buy
220 is the same only all black and come with better inear headphones.
Both have very good sound,just like with a wire,the problem is the battery life,after 2-3h listening to music it is finished
205 is the new one,but this one i do not use at all cos its sound is not as good as the older ones

l-r HBH-200,220,205
picture was made with P1i

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