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Sony Ericsson Hazel J20
ModelSony Ericsson P1
Form factorBlock
Weight124 gram
Dimensions (HxWxD) 106 x 55 x 17mm
Operating SystemUIQ
Networks2G - 900/1800/1900
3G - 2100
LTE (4G light)No
WLAN / Wi-FiYes
Wi-Fi HotspotNo
Wi-Fi DirectNo
SMS/MMS/Email Yes/Yes/Yes
HDMI outNo
USB portYes
Bluetooth versionNA
GPS/Glonass No/No
3.5 mm audio connectorNo
CameraYesExample photos
Camera resolution3.2 Megapixels. Autofocus. 3x digital zoom
Image StabilizationNo
BSI sensorNo
Camera Flash/LightYes
Flash typeNA
Video recordingYes
Video capture resolutionNA
Second Camera0.3 megapixels (VGA)
Display size2.6 inches
Colour displayYes
Number of colours262,144
Display resolution (WxH) 240 x 320 pixels
Second DisplayNA
Memory160MB. Expandable with M2 card
Micro SIMNo
Dual SIMNo
Ringtones / Music file formatPolyphonic
GamesVijay Singh Pro Golf 2005 and QuadraPop
FM RadioYes
Power management
Battery1120 mAh
Standby time (h)440
Talktime (m)600
Wireless ChargingNo
Browser2.0 XHTML. Opera
Predictive textYes
RSS readerNo
PC SynchronizationYes
Price history
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NA = Not Applicable. No data available

By mralphabet on Dec 13 2009
p1i not so sure

qwerty keyboard is a genuine advanced concept in miniture keyboard interface each key doubles up, ie q andw, by rocking either left for q, or right, this is a great innovation in mobile phones, and the new models in the market who have opted for the fill scale slip out keyboard have, in my opinion, got it wrong. Sure it takes getting used, thats probably the reason for the disdain, but once that hurdle is achieved this keyboard simple cant be bettered. anyway this phone has many ways to enter.the size is really nice and robust, easy to hold, and aesthetic. i have received many compliments on this design.

1. the toggle wheel. this is intermittent. I can not tell if it is the software, not responding to the hardware, or a hardware malfunction. If you are really careful, it will work ok. However in the calender and in the camera, it is unpredictable//////
2. some times the phone ends a call because my cheekbone accidentally touches the wrong button! /////
3.the camera takes too long to boot up, you might as well forget impulsive photography./////
4.the camera review system sucks! slow stupid, does not use the touch screen, opts for menu instead. a headache sometimes, better to leave on one setting and forget trying to change it, particularly if in a hurry./////
5.there is no way of accessing your address book from with in the send meeting request , (see outlook meetings for details of this.) a useful function that more and more businesses are using i find, only if it worked. I have to cut and paste the contact manually, a multi step task, how can over look this! /////6.the default mode for the keyboard, ie text or numerical, is non intelligent, if i am on the phone to a call centre and then asked to press one for x, or 2 for y, the phone is set in text pressing one sends an e or an r. the question is if i am on a call, surely the default mode of the keyboard should revert to numerical.///// can opt to receive email headers only, but you can not reply to an email this way without first downloading the entire message. so if someone sends a huge file with something like here is the video of the gig last night, you cant then return a thanks without downloading the entire email. /////8.repeat appointments i n the calendar can not be set to quarterly./////9.flight mode ends blue tooth. so ends music listening too./////10. while clearing the messages from my infolder, one ticks those one wishes to delete, but can often mis the check box and therefore load the message to view, returning to the inbox, removes the ticks from the others. this is easy to do, as there is very little space in the tick box.////it is not possible to tick the messages that you want to selectively download from reviewing email headers alone. you have to download one at a time./////pressing the speaker button when ringing does not always enter speaker./////no way to change the default browser to opera from sony's own./////dont bother updating the firmware it is simply too long winded and you have to erase the phone memory first. you can back up and then restore, but this had problems for me and i quite honestly have only noticed a small increase in web speed as a consequence and the whole process was frustrating. it also looses the email account settings so remember to write down first./////

despite the cons, i'm quite a big fan of this phone. honest. its just that the snag list above should be corrected by now. i use it as a business and personal phone but i doubt if any serious business would think of replacing there blackberry for this. ive had quite reliable use in the two years that i have had it. so i do recommend this phone to you. but, its getting old now, so if you are good at altering the settings and find it for a reasonable price go ahead an buy it,

4 (out of 5)

By ADDY_91 on Nov 25 2008
Me P1i on if u say it sucks

qwerty, jog dial

almost nothing ,still it was perfect if it had gps :D

Best smartphone in the sony brand & the world

5 (out of 5)

By echo.shane on Sep 28 2008
Son Ericsson P1

Wi-Fi, Touch Screen, Symbian,

QWERTY key board

this phone is awesome. the best phone anyone could haveSony Ericsson to the worl

5 (out of 5)

By P1 on Jan 22 2008
P1i near perfection

Just about everything it claims to do

Battery Life is unstable, Video Streaming is impossible

If you don't care about video streaming, This is phone is perfect for you. It is by far the best I've ever used.Does everything that's advertised. Battery life is not 10 hours talk time (more like 6) but it certainly trumps any other smartphone out there.

5 (out of 5)

By dito7777 on Jan 13 2008
sonyericsson P1i

Wi-Fi, good camera with various functions., touchscreen, High speed internet connectivity.

Qwerty keyboard.

In my opinion this is the best smartphone for people who have bussiness. But one thing I wished to be better : music player... unfortunatly this phone is not a walkmen but still normal... I fully recommend to buy it, if you like qwerty keyboard and touchscreen. Price is also acceptable. about 500$ { In Georgia, Tbilisi }

4 (out of 5)

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On 14 Aug 2011 jalalkhan wrote
a phone p1i is not well performed cell because it mostly uccurs the betworking problems.
On 2 Aug 2011 pradeeprajput wrote
plz give me prfect pc shut for p1i phone and formmula data saving

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