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free internet in PC ?

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Posted by faissel
i want to know if there is any way to acces free internet in PC by using modem , and using opera or another software,if there is someone who know how tel me plz . i tried using my phone as modem but the connection doesnt work ,now im asking if there is another way by modem and how to use it in your country . thanks ,I wait your reply...

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Posted by litemint
Hmmm... it depends on your network if you can do the tricks. Like on our country, we can use php proxy and cgi. Furthermore, running a 3rd party app for tunnelling the connections like cproxy, ultrasurf, toonel, etc.

the tricks your using on your phone is also applicable on your pc, like the t9space your using.

i posted a tutorial, k750 as modem.

search at google with this string: k750 as modem esato litemint

Posted by faissel
ok for using phone as modem i will try it..concerning cproxy ... I dont know how to use it on pc internet setting on opera mobile i was tried just for phone,can u explain more how you use in your country? .now im using my modem for free just GPRS But when i changed by umts or hspda my trick doesnt work ( i mean "MY TRICK" I change APN of my network so Apn doesnt work free for 3G setting only GPRS) . when i surf by GPRS as u know the conection is bad so if there any software Or way to speed my GPRS Help me.

Posted by netsurf1
pls i need help with my network connection via pc

Network is MTN Nigeria
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

pls you can also send the link to download any software that can break their firewall...they recently have blocked freegate, freedom, ultrasurf...pls if you know any that can work, kindly send the link...either here or into my inbox @ fxinfo2

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