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W995 - Can't use flash themes?

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Posted by Arno_Nym
Hi there,

I hope that there is someone who can help me. I've got a SE W995 with GENERIC SonyEricsson R1HA035 firmware. I just updated the firmware with SEUS.
The problem now is - before and after I installed the new firmware - that I can't use flash menu (or desktop). I can apply all the default themes ("Circa", ...) and they show the flash standby screen. But none of theme shows the flash menu. And the option "From design" in "Desktop layout" is disabled. When I try to choose it, the mobile tells me that the design doesn't support a flash layout.

The really weird thing now is, that I already had a look into the "/tpa/.../desktop/flash" folder and saw that all the flash layouts are in the right place. Even if I copy new ones (and add the corresponding themes via PC Suite) I can't let the mobile display the flash menu.

It drives me crazy. Would be really great if someone could give me a hint or solution.

BTW: SE support tells me, that it might have to do with the restrictions in the firmware I got from the provider. So I told them it's not a provider firmware, it's their own.


Posted by centur
You must put theme (*.thm) in TPA > USER > THEMES
And don't forget to edit in theme.xml file:

Posted by Arno_Nym
Thanks for your advice. I would like to try it, but I can't see what I should edit in theme.xml file.
I think you mean I should add a line like

< Desktop_forbidden Type="File" Source="Foobar.swf" />

where Foobar.swf is the correpsonding flash menu. BTW: Can I use only the filename or do I have to add a relative or absolute path?
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Posted by Arno_Nym
Thanks again for your hint, centur. But it didn't work. Still the same problem. Does somebody know which Firmware would work? Maybe it's really the firmware?!?
At davinviteam.com I could purchase a new one. Which would you recommend?

Posted by mewgim
you are just doing it wrong.

follow part 1 of this tutorial


Posted by Arno_Nym
Thanks mewgim. I debranded my mobile. I couldn't believe it wasn't an original firmware. But it seems that it was a branded one. Thank you very much.

Posted by groovepeppy
you can have flash menu in all se phone with swf support, i mean if it can use swf for the wallpaper then you can use flash menu aswell. in your case they made the phone unable to use it but you can make it done with some customize_upgrade.xml
but now you got it working so congratulation

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