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FS: MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch Music Edition

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Posted by bart
Selling this watch, perfect condition.
Only used 5min to test.
Pictures on request.
Shipping: EU only
Looking for decent offers

Posted by 6230
Pics? BIN? What kind of trades you after?

Posted by bart
Trades would be SE acc, Ericsson phones, A nice walkman phone
Price, looking for 100euro

Posted by dudesweet
Im interested in seeing pictures. Is it actually only used for 5 minutes. Do you have a receipt?

Posted by bart
pics will follow tomorow.
It will be slightly over 5min in use, since i need to take pics of the watch working

Posted by bart

Posted by bart

Posted by bart
had an offer of 60euro.
to low in my eyes.

Posted by goldenface
I'd have this off you but it's not compatible with the X10.

Posted by bart
won't the 2.1version make it work?

Posted by seboy81
Yeah it will work with 2.1 when its released using the OpenWatch App

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