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Problem with camera c901.

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Posted by escarts
Problem with camera c901? taken with c901+xenon flash setting 3mp+all Automaticly

why? white sign in picture?

Posted by sincan
Can u post, other pic

Posted by hihihans
dirty lens?

Posted by sincan
I think that's not dirty lens,i ever got situation like that. Do you belive some spirit (ghost) can catch by our phone which have xenon? Couples month ago, i had took some pic like that and my friend told it's spirit of death people. Will post pic tom,and please give coment.

Posted by escarts
are you sure this is ghost hehe....

this other picture....

i buy this c901 new in 5 days.... but have problem...

Posted by mriley
Thats nothing to worry about, they are just orbs - caused by lens and flash being close together, this happens with many cameras especially cam phones due to v small space for camera in the phone, edit them out
Try gimp to edit your pics, its free.

Posted by sincan
I doubt that's a ghost.. , try to take some pic with same object and post here. Different case with mine, my rent house near public cemetery, due to last pic gone will try to take pic again this night.....

Posted by Rookwise
You get the whitew spots when you take a picture near another light source or a reflective surface. Its just the object reflecting back from the flash firing. Changing a few settings will minimize the problem.
It can also happen in dark environments as well where there is a reflective surface or a distant light source (eg moonlight, street lights)

Posted by ronasanz
yeah. it happens in my previous sony cybershot T500 digital camera, mostly in the evening. its like water spots.

Posted by chuaherson
there's nothing to worry about, its normal..

Posted by test84
Damn, why there is no such thing in other photo samples of this camera phone?

Posted by ceaser2008
I agree with mriley. Thats orbs. So many time, my pics with flash has it. We are surrounded by the spirits but here is totally different case.

Posted by test84
Are you sure it's normal? I've seen numerous C901 photos with Flash but none of them had this white circle in them. And they surely had light reflectors in them.

Please be serious, I'm gonna buy this in a day.

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