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Unlocking and debranding Vodafone's Satio for free?

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Posted by zide
Hello mates,

I've recently bought a Satio on Ebay for 195, as new (nice bargain wasn't it?) but it is locked to Vodafone. I wonder if is there already a method to unlock and debrand it for free.

Your help will be much appreciated!

Posted by hammera
Head over to http://forums.se-nse.net/topic/47332-sony-ericsson-satio-debranding/ for the tutorial.

Posted by zide
Wow mate, thanks a lot! What about unlocking it?

Posted by gharknes1
vodafone satio is not locked

Posted by zide
Really? Wohoo! I don't know because I did not recieve it yet. Awesome then!

Thanks guys

Posted by skblakee
Hey,I am trying to debrand an Orange Branded Satio but not seeing the 370byte file. Only seeing one that is 388 and the other 274.
Should I use the 388 byte to rename per the instructions on the http://forums.se-nse.net/topi[....]ony-ericsson-satio-debranding/ Forum?


Posted by Lollylost100
If you read the instructions properly you would notice that I put a 25 byte tolerance. Which means the file can be as big as 395 bytes and as small as 345 bytes.

Posted by skblakee
Thanks much . Have not seen the 25 byte caveat. 388 it is then.
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Posted by skblakee
Nice and easy unlocking. Long (three updates with SEUS) but worth it because it is free and very simple.
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Posted by Northerner
I used this for mine to de-brand it, works a treat and cost nothing

Posted by raji85
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Posted by fbloise
thanks for promoting that site, anyways free is better than anything!

thanks for sharing, my brother is thinking to buy one and I will debrand/unlock it for him as soon as he get it.

Posted by karan00978
help i have a orange satio and i cant find the db file to delete and also on the update service it wont recognize my phone

Posted by karan00978
there's no db file on the new seus

Posted by annafee

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Posted by annafee

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Posted by holophyte

I need a little bit of help with this.

4. Open the archive. Select the file which corresponds to the region you want to unbrand to.
File selcted is European...Do I just highlight this, so it's Blue in colour?

5. Go to: C:\\Program Files\\Sony Ericsson\\Update Service\\db\\13740270\\blob_fs and sort files in ascending order. Search for a file which is about 370bytes in size. I have found one which is around the 370 bytes mark. Do I copy this?

6. Copy it's file name and rename the file which you chose in step 4. Copy the renamed file to blob_fs folder. Copy what file? And rename it where? This is the bit I'm really stuck on...Tell me in laymans terms please if you can.


Posted by annafee

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