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Mobile PAYG broadband?

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Posted by fatreg

am in the market for a mobile broadband dongle..

looking at all the PAYG ones, it seems you pay x amount and this gives you x amount of data to use within 1/3 months... I don't like the idea of this..

Are there any networks that do the old school payg method? I've got 10 so 5gb etc and that'll stay on there until I use it?

If not, I might as well sign up for a contract!

Posted by Nanu
If you find one let me know, as I have a dongle sat here doing nothing as I don't like the idea of something I have paid for expiring!

Posted by lukechris
Nothing I can recommend but I unrecommend 3

Posted by fatreg
why's that? they use Orange coverage these days?

Posted by jcwhite_uk
The only one that seesm to do what you want is 3:
O2 and T-Mobile both do 2 a day or 15 a month. Vodafones is only 15 for 1 month.

Posted by fatreg
On 3 JC, the credit only lasts for 30 days.. and well, I don't know when if at all I'd use the thing, I just like the idea of being able to get 3G, GPRS wherever I may be with my laptop!

Posted by Nanu
yeah my dongle is on three, only topped it up once but won't use it again until they stop expiring credit, so alas it may never come out of the box again!

Posted by mhorton
I have never had a problem with 3 mobile broadband.

Posted by Bonovox
My 3UK mobile broadband has recently improved. They did an automatic software update on the modem recently & things have become faster & the signal is full always now rather than only 3 bars I had before.

Posted by lukechris
I got fobbed off with them, plus, where I live, theres no coverage whatsoever.

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