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the best network debate 02,orange,t-mobile etc

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Posted by mysterio
just need you to write who you are supporting and why your are

o2----good signal in my area,o2 cards,pick your own tarrif,surprises on payg only,o2 recycle


whats yours?

Posted by Bonovox
Well i am on Orange because they are a high quality network and the most reliable. But not as good value for pay as you go. I love the coverage the speedy 3G call clarity Orange Wednesdays. Thinking of moving soon though because Orange won't change their stupid Animal tariffs to better value in competition with rival networks. Shame. Who i go with is the big question

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Posted by nicv27
O2: Call reception is usually very good and apart from the last couple of days data is good for my Blackberry and Iphone 3g previously. Mobile broadband is a bit rubbish but it`s my first experience of it so not sure what to expect

Posted by lukechris
For me its Voda.
The reasons are simple:
vodafone passport (cheap calls to and from abroad)
strong 3g coverage everywhere (even on train a problem i had on o2 and 3)
cheap and flexible

Posted by dizzybee

Posted by goldenface
I still vouch for 3 / T-Mobile as I'm a heavy data user.

Posted by Bonovox

Posted by lukechris
You already said

On 2010-01-22 10:31:10, goldenface wrote:
I still vouch for 3 / T-Mobile as I'm a heavy data user.

Where I am I can't even get a good tmobile signal at home, or anywhere else for that matter
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Posted by Bonovox
I am lucky where i live i get reception on every network and T Mobile is one of the best for both 3G too where i live. The only network by me still with zero 3G is Vodafone. Shame.

Posted by Greggy
For any net mins tmobile do 250 for 15quid. And with a new sim. If u top up with the 15quid (to pay for your monthly mins. U get 3gb of web and unlimitd texts free.

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Posted by phonecrzy
T-Mobile, Great cheap internet with great connectivity at my sixth form...

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