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Question about size of "Other files" on Satio

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Posted by Andrej

Something is bothering me about the size of free memory on Satio. If I select "memory details" on C: drive on Satio it gives me a nice summary of phone memory usage. It is all OK there except the last one - "other files". It says 15MB but I don't see these files neither in "other" folder on phone, as same as I connect the phone to the PC and look for used space there. I wouldn't care about that if phone has bigger memory, but since it doesn't it isn't so little. So I just want to make sure if these files are system files or something which shouldn't be using phone memory.
There is always a hard reset option but I really don't want spending time again with setting up the phone.

So, do you have similar memory usages in this "section" or is it just mine. Or it's me because this is my Symbian phone.

I posted 2 screenshoots below to see what I am thinking about.

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Posted by anzalrahman
woah i have 17 mb of other files:-o..my satio is unbranded..

Posted by larry 68
15mb on mine too

Posted by Andrej
What a relief. I am glad to see this is normal. So this 'part' of memory must be some kind of system files.

Thank you for your answers.

Posted by mikely_28
I have 11 MB mine is unbranded too

Posted by skblakee
Guys I need some help. I am trying to update Opera to version 11 on my friends Satio but his C drive has 9.7mb of memory left and downloading Opera takes it straight to the C Drive where it consumes 6.7mb of memory. When I attempt to install it afterward there isn't enough memory to do so.

I tried to remove as many applications as possible but I can't get enough memory to allow Opera to download and install on the C Drive.

Can someone help?

Posted by etaab
Does the phone not ask which memory to install to ? either phone or memory card ? does he even have a memory card installed ? always install apps to memory card, and themes to the phone memory.

Posted by skblakee
Hi thanks. I suspect that he has some apps installed on the C drive. I managed to get him up to 14mb then installed Opera on memory card.
He now has about 13mb but I would like to get him back up to 20mb or more.

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