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Activating a De-Activated Mobile Number - Vodafone

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Posted by Merc_Man
Hi Peeps,
Just wondering if its possible to get a mobile number re-activated that was terminated about 2 years ago.

The number was on contract with Voda. I would like it on a PAYG sim if possible.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

The number has not been re-assigned to anyone, so its just floating around on Voda's system somewhere.

All help appriciated.


Posted by Bonovox
I doubt it. They get reused. Not sure how Vodafone do it but i know Orange told me you can normally reconnect or restart a contract with the same number only within six months. In that time the numbers kind of go into a pot before getting reused. With massive subscriber numbers now they would want to reuse numbers as much as possible. I doubt it after 2 years. How do you knows its not reused?

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Posted by Merc_Man
I spoke to voda and they told me the number has not been used yet.

Its not been assigned to anyones account/contract.

I asked them if I could have it on a Payg sim and the guy had no clue, so was hoping someone on here would have more of an idea.

Posted by Bonovox
Really not sure sorry but i can't imagine after two years but you could always ask again. Ask for connections department or something or porting department who may know that if the number is still not in use they can tell you if you can have it again. I know you can transfer numbers over to pay as you go but with the number no longer being yours and its still in the contract department they may say no. You can't just pick and choose they might say i have no idea. Ya don't ask ya don't get. Try.

Posted by carkitter
Here in NZ Vodafone's number porting allows an On Account number to be used on Prepay so no problem on that front, I would expect UK to be the same...

Choosing your number is something usually reserved for On Account customers only though, unless you happen to fluke the store which has a prepay SIM with your number pre-loaded on it.

Posted by Bonovox
True but I can't see them giving you an old munber back after 2 years

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