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Memory card problem

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Posted by Harris921
Hi everyone, first post so be gentle with me.

I have recently up-graded my handset to the W995 from the K850i. My old K850i had loads of nice family picturesand things saved to the memory card. When I insert this memory card into my new 995 it does not register with the phone, when I go into my files it says please insert memory card.

The new memory card that came with the phone works fine but I wanted to retrieve my old pictures from my K850i. Ive compared both memory cards and they are exactly the same apart from one is 512mb and the other is 8gb. Surely both should work but one just has a far greater memory????? If I format my old memory card it will wipe it loosing all my pics.

Also the k850i had some really smart pictures of lakes and other cool things that the 995 doesnt have. Is there anyway Icould download this picture to the 995?

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Hi Harris921, welcome to Esato...

A quick way of doing it would be connecting both phones in Mass storage mode (another modes could also work)... and copying from your K850 to your W995.

For the pictures included in the K850, look into the Pictures folder in the phone memory.

Good luck!

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Posted by spiid
Like Lightspeed said just transfer the files from one to the other. Shouldnt be a problem since W995 comes with 8gigs which is plenty I think.

Posted by Harris921
Sorry I have left some vital information out. The K850i was dropped and smashed and no longer works, hence I was hoping the memory card from the K850i would just push in and be recognizes straight away.

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Oh, sorry to hear that.

Can you test the memory from the K850 into another SE phone (from a friend maybe), so see if its working correctly?...

If so, do what i suggest in my first post with another SE and your W995.

PD: If total size of the pictures you want to transfer is not that big, you could try a bluetooth transfer....

Posted by mallaccra
another way to determine whether your memory card is faulty or not try to use a card reader and attach to the usb port of your pc, if the memory card is ok then it will show up as a new drive in the explorer...from there you can transfer the contents/pixs
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Posted by davejon
I think the problem is with either the slot or the memory card.As you said,the K850 was damaged than it is possible that your memory card may be also harmed.
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Posted by rochardsmith

Hello Harris,
Myself Rochard Smith and i just read out the entire post,well according the problem is nothing about
it your phone not support your memory card.

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