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New mobile called Else - thought you'd wanna know

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Posted by rita911
a new mobile device called Else was unveiled in London, and it looks promising.
this phone looks like what I need.. check out the demonstration video:
Else also has an official site, I checked it out and other than being easy on the eye, it gives you the possibility to get to know the phone and its features. I think you'd want to try it out...

Posted by Milan188
Very nyc. The new iphone is also releasing in Q2 next year. Else will definately be up there with iphone and X10

Posted by se_love
Now THAT'S a touchscreen phone I would buy without complaints. Looks awesome and I hope it becomes a phone we can see everywhere in Europe. Even here.

Posted by mallaccra
yup it looks promising and it seems that this ELSE is from israel...

Posted by carkitter
I like that a lot.
No 900 MHz UMTS/HSDPA so designed for USA maybe?

Hope that phone makes it into production as marketing another Open Source OS is just not going to fly ATM. The world is full of smartphone operating systems and some may not survive as it is.

I guess the big question is: What's the price?

Posted by Dups!
I like this very much. Something fresh but not just fresh, exciting and interesting.

Posted by Caspa
Certainly different... Decent concept the whole one handed thing being able to use your thumb to do everything... Wonder if they will have a lefty version?!?

I do wonder about overall functionality, applications, cost and specs... But interesting indeed...

Now if only it was made elsewhere...

Posted by Yoruichi
Nice phone.. Shame its made by an isreal company .. Wont buy one due to that as dont condone isreals crimes against humanity.. I dont and wont purchase any isreali made products..

Posted by jj03
Phone looks horrible. Else will fade away...thats fir sure.

Posted by domipost
Good for you it's cancelled

Posted by alenn
i don't understand it...it's a bit complicated

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