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O2 Billing

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Posted by larry 68
Anyone know how o2 billing works.
I've just checked online to see how much i owe when my next bill is due on 15th Nov and its £98 .

I went on hol mid Sept for 2 weeks and used phone a fair bit but was expecting to get billed 15th Oct
but according to my Oct statement I wasnt charged.

Now 6 weeks later they've decided to add it too my bill, so now Im confused, on contract are we paying upfront or behind ?? as this usuage is 6 weeks + old.
Not disputing payment just trying to get my head round how they charge as previously they took the money immediately on next bill.

Posted by lukechris
Ring them mate

Posted by pmerryman
Maybe that they have to get details from the foreign networks. I think they did the same with me when I have used it abroad.

Posted by masseur
the data does indeed have to come from foreign networks and having developed billing software for a couple of phone companies I can tell you that the data can arrive after variable durations.

you also have to remember that depending on where you make your call, there may be more than one carrier in more than one country involved in connecting your call and this can further delay the details arriving at your home carrier due to aggregation

Posted by Bonovox
Yes i once had a bill years ago on Vodafone when i went to Greece of £171. I went in August and i never paid for it until October.

Posted by larry 68
OK thanks
So its fairly normal to get the bill late. I was in Bulgaria and stuck to one network and billing is late for both making and receiving from o2 to o2.
Used same in June, same destination and same caller but got bill immediately, so bit random.

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