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How to use my cellc usb modem to browse for free on my pc?

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Posted by perxolan
Hi there! I have a cellc usb modem which I use for internet on my pc. Is there a way that I can use it to browse for free on the internet. It is a prepaid usb modem and if I don't have airtime I can browse only a cellc website for free.

Posted by chuaherson
try a tunneler.

Posted by amir90p
Sorry Dear no idea for That

Posted by anningg
use the same trick as fbt on default browser on mobile on your pc and i think it will work...ow ja whats cellc's freesite?

Posted by perxolan
My free site is http://www.cellc.co.za

Posted by anningg
ok dont load airtime and connect your usb modem to ur pc. go to ur browser and change proxy to smokeflower.com and port 80.save and make this bookmark: www.cellc.co.za/images/index.php open it and then type the address u want to go to in the box on the page and it shud be free

Posted by perxolan
I did as you said but it says 'could not find proxy server' My internet is connected and my 'skype' comes on and of although there is no airtime on my account. I use opera version 10.10

Posted by anningg
ok change only the http proxy and port to the smokeflower.com and 80.and disable the rest like https... and leave everythn as it was when u installed the application and try open the bookmark again

Posted by perxolan
its say the samething, I think this one is hard to crack....

Posted by exaflare23

try to ask the peoples in regional asia pacific some of them can help you & can teach you a lots of tricks dont worry about the language they can speak in english too.

Posted by survivor.sv
Concerning the use of USB(universal system buss) and your cell phone to browse on the internet,
You'll need to install the a pc suite for your phone ie if it's nokia get it's suite, motorola and so on. After connet your cell phone to the pc using the usb, make sure your phone is recognised by the suite. do this and let me know the type of communication network u are using and the country that you are in then we can continue from here. thanks

Posted by b0ng0s
@survivor.sv um in s.a,my ntwork provider is cellc, got pc suit nd cn conect ma fne to it, do u knw any way i cud browse 4 free?↲↲↲Ur Help wit be apriciated.

Posted by Rasta0000
Ok guys try this on your browser:


Use the original cellc settings. Do not edit nothing.

Posted by Hacker89
Nanana drop your waist of energy because cell c upgraded their system and along with it went the proxy access. Sorry you are to late dear

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