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Any cases or pouches for the Aino out there?

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Posted by energetic
I would appreciate if you could post any cases or pouches available for the Aino. Am looking into something similar that I used to have on my iPhone which was this one...


So far I have seen the SE original case for the Aino, and also the following versions of DPair Leather Cases which I don't like...

Any suggestions or findings will be appreciated.

Posted by ailsa1234
I found one case for Sony Ericsson U10 Aino, it allows you quite easy insert and remove the phone, and you can Plug your charger, cable or headset, pick up photos without removing the case. This case protects your Sony Ericsson U10 Aino from dust, finger prints, scratches and other daily scuff. Hope this helps.

Posted by mallaccra
looking for one too with the Removable 360 degrees belt clip but still unavailable in the local market...

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