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Want to use Internet connection of computer on my C510 mobile

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Posted by ashishforyou
Does SE C510 stands in A200 phones ?

My problem is I want to use my computers internet connection on my c510 phone .
What I did to solve this was -

1> Menu -> Settings -> connection -> USB
2> USB -> USB Network type -> Via computer
3> after selecting that option a new hardware was found on my computer I installed it and sahred my computers internet connection to it .
4> But still I am not able to use internet on my phone . What should I do next ?

Please help me

Posted by gothenk
i had the same problem , help please...

Posted by tranced
The C510 is a A200 phone.

In these phones you can use them as modem. I can't remember well if it could be done backwards.

Maybe you should download a PC suite and follow the instruction given..
When you plug your usb cable, it's shows 4 options in your phone display..
Choose the top option (phone mode)
Search for internet option in your PC suite, then fill the parameters (APN, IP, USERNAME, PWD, etc) with your carrier's settings..
This is an easy steps

Posted by StevenC
What you did is correct. Refer to my post http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=186065

You might also need to Share your Internet Connection if the above did not work.
Control Panel > Network
Right-click on your Internet connection and then Properties.
In some tab you be able of choosing to share that Internet connection with your Network.

It is done similar in bot XP and Win 7

Posted by mobiTech
please see check this.
Internet settings missing.

Mobile Internet settings must be installed on your phone in order to browse the Internet.

To install Internet settings:

1. Select Yes to the message. You'll be redirected to Settings download.
2. Select Continue to download the missing settings.

Posted by Dvimay
I think mobitech is right.

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