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Safety For HandsFree Cords ?

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Posted by ceaser2008
Hi all,

Today morning when i unplugged my stereo bluetooth handsfree DS980 from charging, i saw the cut marks on one of the ear-piece's cord. I am worried. Though it has not created any problem yet, but i want to protect it as soon as possible. It is still under warranty period. But i am afraid se centre will not even see it. Why? I had hpm 90 before and its cord too had cuts on it. It was also under warranty period so i showed to se centre and the guy overthere told me that eventhough it is under warranty but as this is physical damage the warranty is void.

I am very heavy user of the handsfree. It is always around my neck from morning to night. I mostly avoid taking calls directly on phone. I wear it under my shirt keeping bluetooth device inside the shirt. The two ear-piece cord came out from it.

It is really disturbing that we pay huge amount on accessories and after few months of extensive use, it became useless or damaged.

What i want from you guys is the help or suggestions to keep the cords safe from further damage.

Thank you all
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Posted by ceaser2008
pictures are worth then thousands words

help me

Posted by mallaccra
it looks like the cord has been cut by a sharp tool (nice perfect cut) and imo it should not happened that way even though the cord has been used extensively, this is probably an isolated case. my suggestion is you should lodge a complaint to SE Service Centre of this substandard quality and insist for a replacement...

Posted by ceaser2008
Previously when i had hpm 90, this happened with it as well. I showed it to the se shop, they told me that this is the physical damage which can not be covered under warranty. :(
Then also, tomorrow i will show it to the shop from where i have purchased it.
Any way to protect it from further damage?

Posted by mallaccra
i'm not sure how to protect the cord from further damage, maybe you can use a grip band to wrap around the cord and again i'm not sure about the effectiveness and practicality....

Posted by mcrosser
This happened to me with my headphones that came with my K750. They were fine in the beggining, but then I stopped using it because I bought better ones. Latter I took it out and noticed it had some marks like on the photos posted. Since it was old, I tried to make more marks with my nails and felt that the material was very soft in the area that had marks, and new marks were easily made. But I tried to make marks on other parts of the cable and it was hard.

I guess it might be that the cable material becomes soft (some parts) after a while. Perhaps because of contact skin (my headphones had marks around the part that touches the neck). So a meassure of caution would be to have it on a case or not wearing it when not in use.

Maybe something like the hpm-83 headphone but through bluetooth might help.

Posted by carkitter
The pictures show that the rubber has been affected by regular contact with your skin. It common for the chemicals in sweat to damage things like this and also jewelery. There is no remedy for the accessory you have now but replacement. As for in the future, try minimising the contact between skin and rubber, clean the rubber with an alcohol swab regularly or purchase an accessory with a harder more resistant rubber. This is clearly an extreme case, I've not had it happen to any of my accessories.

OEM Headphone quality is generally poor. My V640i headphones had a dry solder joint from day one (which I fixed) and my iPhone headphones fell apart after 10 months of occasional use.

Posted by Rookwise
As carkitter has already said. It probably been caused by body sweat, oils, grease etc. As you mentioned. You run your headphone cable under your clothing where it comes into contact with your skin. Try to run the cable between 2 items of clothing if possible as it will minimise damage. Also clean the cable with sterile wipes (non alcohol type) eg glasses cleaner or a mildly damp cloth with a small amount of diluted general surface cleaner on. Or just buy a bluetooth pendant and headphones.

Posted by ceaser2008
I have shown this to the shop keeper from where i have purchased it and to service center as well. They said the same. It is physical damage, not company's fault. I told them that why the material is of substandard as we send high amount on handfree and we get this kind of quality. But he just keep playing the same record.

You know, i thinking of going to consumer forum here in india and launch the official complaint against sony india company for selling substandard quality product. But before that i want to consult a lawyer for his advice and discuss how strong our case would be.

Posted by mallaccra
consumer tribunal will be a good start... i strongly believed that the consumer deserve a product of an "acceptable quality"

Posted by Keith5400
Sometimes it is too hard to unplug the chord, especially when your handset is new. You should never yank the wire too hard.

Posted by ceaser2008
I am talking about bluetooth handsfree.

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