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C902 - Force charge battery

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Posted by volkvanmyn25
I'm starting to think that the C902 has got a buildt in Virus or something that corrupts the firmware every few months. I've had my phone back for repairs about 3 times now to reload the software and now I'm stuck with a new problem again.
The battery is dead and when I plug it in to charge it it tells me that I don't have a genuine Sony Ericsson battery and therefor doesn't want to charge. I can't even reload the firmware my self because of the dead battery.

Is there some code or something to force charge the battery?
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Posted by Fredrix

If your phone still is under warranty, replace it !
I´ve had my c902 for almost 1,5 years, never a single problem so far !

// Fredrix

Posted by mrjulius
mine to no problem.
but the problem is the cybershot logo in the back is fade heheh

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