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W705 Video Help?

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Posted by cianomeister
'Sup all!

I have just bought a w705 n it wont play videos which I have converted for my old w910i.
Can anyone tell me what is best conversion details for w705 using Mysh's M3 converter please?

Thanks in advance!

Posted by StevenC
I use Any Video Converter to convert my videos and they play pretty well on W910 and G705. Nice picture and audio quality compared to Total Video Converter.

Profile: Custom MPEG4
Codec: MPEG4 (not Xvid or H264)
Size: 320x240
Framerate: 25 (or match it to input)
Bitrate: 256 or 300
Audio: AAC
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Posted by cianomeister
I tried using them settings but it comes up 'Cannot play this file' ? Please help!

Posted by Lightspeed_x
hi, cianomeister, try Super, using these settings:

Posted by cianomeister
Thanks Lightspeed_x but I tried it and SUPER keeps coming up with an error?

"An ERROR has occurred while encoding.
The most commomn possible reasons causing errors:

If the "DirectShow Decode" is checked, SUPER was not able to find/open any corresponding DirectShow ActiveX filter to decode your input file. Uncheck "DirectShow Decode" and retry.

Your input source file may not be a valid multimedia clip due to a damged header, corrupted/segmented data or truncated file. Your inpuit file may have unsupported codecs. Verify the structure and the used codecs of your input file by double clicking it, the Media Analysis Box, opens to display its info, codecs, and other internal data.

There was an interruption of the encoding process due to Disk space, Slow PC, RAM drainage, CPU overload or a simple user manual interruption. Try again."

What should I do?!

Posted by Lightspeed_x
@cianomeister: I see... tell me more about your source files, which is the original format/encoding of the files you are trying to convert?

Did you try unchecking Directshow Decode?

Also, Super is a bit problematic if you have your antivirus' resident shield enabled, try disabling your antivirus during the conversion process.

Finally, which operating system are you using?... SUPER and VISTA dont get along too well, Im using Vista miself and had to do a couple things to get SUPER running.

Posted by cianomeister
I tried different formats just to see would it work but both the .avi and .flv's i tried both resulted in this warning
I un-checked it and another similar warning came up..
I disabled the resident shield too..
And yes I am on Vista..
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Posted by Lightspeed_x
Ok then, in Vista, you have to run SUPER with administrator privileges to make it work, to make it easy, i just browsed the exe file and went to properties, then, in the "Compatibility" tab, i checked "Run this program as an administrator", after that, the only thing that i noticed is that i cannot drag and drop files to SUPER, i rather have to use Ctrl+A (or right click, add multimedia files). But the conversion takes place and the videos work.

Try this and let us know how it went,

Posted by cianomeister
Thanks Lightspeed it works!
The only problem is that sometimes the video kind of drags on but otherwise its pretty good.
I must say that I still prefer my converted videos from Myshs M3 though

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Yes it happens to me too... you could try setting up your converter software with the settings i use with SUPER.

Also, you could set the bitrate down a bit and see how it goes after that...

But before doing that, let me ask you... do you have your M2 almost at full size?.. also, how long has it been since the last time you formatted the card from your phone?

I noticed a slight increase in performance after formatting the card using the phone (of course, i backed up the entire card to my pc before doing it)...

Also, defragmenting the memory card also helps improve the speed...

Good luck!

Posted by c_vignesh
Try using Media Coder with @StevenC settings....its free and easy to use....i use it to convert videos for my

Posted by cianomeister
@Lightspeed_x: I only got the fone last week so i havent formatted the card yet.
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