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which earphone comes with w880...hpm70,hpm75,hpm 77....and which is the best

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Posted by sanu_kt
Please reply

Posted by StevenC
My W910i package included an HPM-70. Can't tell which one is better since I didn't try the other.

Posted by sincan
Hpm 77 is the best.

Posted by pt020
have them all and what i can say is
The HPM-70 and HPM-75 are the same headphones only their color is different (and 2 year production time,so you need a new name) HPM-70 at first came only in gray later also black,75 only black
The HPM-77 is different story,they sound better,i do not think that their sound is so much better as the volume is bit higher... from the 3 i would go for the 77

have also older headphones from Sony alone ,the MDR-EX71SL they are sill the best ones,they have better bass and higher tons.

all together

I also have the HPM-88 noise cancelling headphones

... i have mixed feelings about this headphones,ok it works and there is less noise,but i think the sound is also got worst,the volume is also lower then normal inear headphones i have ...
but from the other side the noice canceling lets you hear everything
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